CO.A.FRA. Cooperativa Agricola Fraternità

CO.A.FRA. Cooperativa Agricola Fraternità

Ragione Sociale
CO.A.FRA. Cooperativa Agricola Fraternità
Via al Cavarot - 20063, Cernusco sul Naviglio (MI)
Telefono / Cellulare
02 9249433, 330 789314, 348127154, 3482827743
02 9231771
Franco Viganò, Daniele Restelli, Nicola

Who we are

The Cascina Nibai Cooperativa Consortile consortium is a world of social cooperatives.

Its headquarters are located in an historical countryside farmstead with a 5 hectares land where other facilities are located: a fruit and vegetables cultivation workshop, a small salami and cured meats factory, the stables and the mill.

The CO.A.FRA. Socio-agricultural cooperative (type B), founded to put to the best possible use the lands behind the farmstead, cultivates today its fields with the organic method, produces sweet and salted jams, breeds pork, beef, chickens and rabbits and produces cured meats.


CO.A.FRA. manages an agritourism and a agricultural wholesale point within the Cascina Nibai premises, where jams, sauces, juices, patés and pork and beef meat can be purchased.