Ragione Sociale
Via San Galdino, 6 - 23851, Frazione Sala al Barro Galbiate (LC)
Telefono / Cellulare
0341 240661, 366 8961316
0341 240659
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Joseph Parolini

Who we are

Selvetto is a Social farming project started in 2011 by Solidarietà, a type B social cooperative established in 1986, which main activity has been since beginning the assembly work under contract along with braided heater hoses production, then widened in 2007 to green areas maintenance, building cleaning and other services.


The farm workers, with different disabilities and fragilities, work the vegetables crops and are also committed to woods maintenance, as well as to directly selling products. The “Un orto in adozione” (“Adopt a vegetable garden”) project has been launched and it addresses to all who would like to grow vegetables, but do not have time or land to plough. Selvetto works a vegetable garden on its own lands on behalf of the adopting person or group that, by paying a monthly fee, receives the products of the earth.
During autumn 2015 half hectare hazelnut orchard has been planted, in 2016 a collaboration started with an organic seed breeding company for mass selection of new vegetables cultivar and old cultivar seeds saving, at the same time the organic certification process begun. The project for the future is to start a room rental service and to provide a food and refreshments point to the many climbers that visit the nearby Galbiate mountain cliffs, which are famous climbing spots.

People Involved

Actually three persons are working in the project, one of which is a disabled person. A variable number of disabled people is involved in the project through social services.