Opportunities for Authorities and Institutions

The Agricoltura Sociale Lombardia project founds its roots in the territory, favoring the creation of networks between sectors, diverse competences and combined projects. It offers a variety of opportunities for authorities and institutions, for instance to:

  • communicate with private business and non-profits with the goal to integrate social policies and territorial development from a viewpoint of reciprocal enhancement and development (RDP-Rural Development Plan, ESF-European Social Fund, zonal planning, etc.);
  • guide public resources in replicable projects;
  • cooperative planning, with the goal of launching projects in the territorial arena that could involve local social services and allocate economic resources;
  • promote dialogue between social services and economic actualities, increasing the opportunities to have a societal-working integration of the participants;
  • place in motion active methods that initiate from the bottom, where the connection with the territory is the most critical and rooted.